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We are Dinarcoin customer support team.
Here is the updated news, please check.
We have concluded a LOI (Letter of Intent) with one company in Malaysia on 13 Feb 2019 related with comprehensive strategic matters for improving the value of Dinarcoin.
Regarding the formal contract, we plan to conclude it in the middle of March
We are looking forward to being able to release the more down-to-earth white paper and future plan next time.
Also, we will inform you when the Dinarcoin will be listed, in the next update news.
Dinarcoin’s aim is to improve the convenience of itself by disseminating usage applications.We believe this alliance with the company will help the Dinarcoin’s aim to be accomplished.
And we sincerely apologize you again for any inconvenience we have occurred by delaying.
To all dear Dinarcoin holders, We’d like to express our deep appreciation.
Dinar Coin Project Team

Reflecting the spirit of Sharia, this is the world’s first cryptocurrency applicable in many Islamic economies











Dinarcoin Overview

This project will introduce the ‘Dinar Coin’ as a new key cryptocurrency, facilitating financial and economic transactions in accordance with Islamic (Sharia) law, thus furthering efficient and revitalized economic stability in Islamic countries where economic expansion and future growth is expected.

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Based on the figure above, an outline of this project is as follows. The newly issued cryptocurrency ‘Dinar Coin’ (XDI-A) makes it possible to utilize services participating on its platform (subsequently exchanged into XDI-B[DDB1] ). It consists of a wide variety of services includ- ing consumer finance, logistics such as e-commerce, crowdfunding, ride hailing service apps that have grown tremendously in recent years, Zakat - a form of alms-giving that is treated in Islam as a religious obligation or tax- to be described upon, and more. Many enter- prises are expected to join after seeing the success of this trading platform. These institutions are mainly operated in Islamic countries such as the UAE, Iraq, and Malaysia. Through our strong partnership with local affiliated ventures, we plan to further expand our service into other diverse countries.


Halal Certification and

Logistic Blockchain Management

While the concept of Halal is common to the Islamic world, ‘Halal Certification’ is a quality standard for foods, medicines, cosmetics and etc., which is defined by major Islamic groups in each country. As the inbound and outbound logistics grow further, obtaining the Halal certification is becoming a major task.

1. Different standards and authorities for every country and region

2. Opacity in information pertaining to production and distribution

Blockchain can also be utilized to solve these issues and will become one of the important functions of Sharia screening. Advan- tages of utilizing blockchain include the following three issues es- sential for Halal certification, and logistic blockchain management will be promoted through Sharia screening.

1. Transparency of Information (Mutual Monitoring)

2. Payment Integration

3. Prevention of Data Falsification

Scheduled Services

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アセット 4


アセット 5

Management System

アセット 6

Ride Hailing
Payment Service

アセット 7

Cumulative Deposits for
Education Funding and Loans

アセット 8

Health Promotion-Related
Incentive Personal Finance

アセット 9

Small Payment Settlement
for Communication Apps

Technical Offering

Genaro Rebolledo

PhD Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Sussex University, UK.
MSc Human-Centred Computer Systems, Sussex University, UK.
BS Informatics, Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico.

• CEO AffectSense & Co-founder

• Expertise
Affective Computing, Data Science, Computer Systems

• About Genaro
Genaro is co-founder and CEO of AffectSense. He has over 12 years experience in the area of affective computing and his aim is to bring emotional awareness to technology. He has published high impact research papers and patents over the years. He specialises in affective computing and how emotions can shape new user experiences with technology. He has been full time researcher in institutions in the UK and Mexico and has worked with international companies such as Jaguar Land Rover in the UK. Genaro has also participated with AffectSense at Singularity University Labs. He is currently defining new and exciting applications of affective computing capitalising in the experience and products that have shaped his career.

Yecely A. Diaz Beristain

MSc Artificial Intelligence, University of Veracruz, Mexico BSc Informatics, University of Veracruz, Mexico

• CTO Affect Sense

• Expertise
Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, User Interaction

• About Yesi
Yesi is a passionate software programmer capable to understand and prioritize innovative technological solutions in a variety of domains. At AffectSense, Yesi is responsible for conceptualizacion, planning and developing of affective technology. She has been CEO at her own company and has served as consultant for several companies in Mexico.

Norberto R. Méndez

BSc Computer Systems

• AffectSense Co-founder & Research and Development Leader

• Expertise
Computer Science, Software Engineer.

• About Norberto
Norberto is an entrepreneur excited about the possibilities brought up by technol- ogy. He has extensive work in real time control systems at nucleo electrical plants and has over 10 years experience in developing software engineering proj- ects for the public and private sectors. At AffectSense, Norberto is the leader of new product development and usability testing.

Kent Langley*

Singularity University Faculty Data Science, Blockchain, AI

• Areas of Expertise
Artificial Intelligence / Data Science / Exponential Organizations / Blockchain / Cryptocurrency / Deep Learning

• About Ken
Kent’s personal massive transformative purpose is to Apply Technology for Hu- manity. He is an entrepreneur, sought after speaker, teacher, mentor and advisor. Kent has an intense focus on all things technical, data and exponential. He works with clients globall. Kent runs his own company providing Data Activation as a Service, is faculty at Singularity University, and is the Chief Science and Technolo- gy officer of the Fastrack Institute, a global 501(c)3 private foundation. Kent also teaches the live online ExO Master Course with Salim Ismail.
Kent is a deep technologist and builder of distributed systems. From complex large scale web applications to live stream based analytics solutions, Kent has been building such systems from the ground up at scale for over 15 years. He’s a recognized thought leader in cloud computing, distributed systems, technology operations, and data science enablement for organizations.
Kent’s keynote talks have been requested by some of the most successful public, private, and academic institutions in the world. He has spoken in Asia, South America, The United States from Silicon Valley to New York. He has addressed crowds from 10 to 10,000 people including live simulcasting of events. The talks have been delivered to a diverse audience from boards, F50 Global organizations, and students. Audiences and clients have included The ExOFoundation, Petro- bras, Asimetrix, The Fastrack Institute, Ahold-Delhaize, YPO, Coca-Cola, Sodexo, AGUIABRANCA, Leonisa, Autodesk, Dell, Premex, APEX Leaders, Singularity Uni- versity, Zignal Labs, Revinate, CA Lottery, nScaled.
* Advisory role to be confirmed


Karla Córdoba

Blockchain, New Organizations & Sustainability
- BeSpiral & Sustainability School Co Founder
- Shuttleworth Fellow


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